Dr. Chang Chien has an in depth understanding of how to use ultrasound in order to effectively diagnose disease and deliver injections. 

His expert teaching guidance allows novices and experts in the field of pain medicine to add ultrasound technique to their set of skills. With his patient and thorough instruction he teaches how to use a combination of technology and anatomy to relieve pain and suffering. 

Babak Kanani M.D.

Board certified in Internal Medicine

Board certified in Integrative Medicine

Our practice had the pleasure of having Dr. Chang Chien to our office for a two day private session mini-course on MSK Ultrasound and Regenerative Medicine. Compared to other highly touted courses, this private session was worth every penny and far surpassed any other learning experience from other major societies. Dr. Chang Chien was able to provide one of the best learning and instructional experiences for our practice. His knowledge and clinical expertise not only with MSK Ultrasound but also with Biological / Regenerative medicine is incomparable, and his instruction is unparalleled.

Personally, I have been to several courses focused on ultrasound/regenerative medicine and it's applications, and few instructors come close to the knowledge, clarity, practicality and real-life applications of what is taught. The attention to detail, the instruction and discussion is invaluable.

Dr. Chang Chien is truly one of the great leaders and pioneers in the field of MSK Ultrasound and regenerative medicine. 

Richard Kang MD

​Diplomate, American Board of Pain Medicine
Diplomate, American Board of Anesthesiology
Interventional Pain Management

Metropolitan Pain Consultants

New Jersey

Steven Stulc D.O.
Board certified in PM&R and Pain Medicine
Summit Orthopedics



John R. Underwood MD

Anesthesiology and Pain Management


I attended the MSK US courseJuly 29-31,2016 in Pasadena CA.

 The course was excellent from start to finish.  Dr. Chang-Chien is not just a true expert in the field, but conveys his vast knowledge to the attendees in a complete, clear, and concise manner, regardless of the level of expertise of the students. 

His enthusiasm for ultrasound and teaching made the course even more enjoyable.  This course covers both US guided procedures, and diagnostic MSK US. The environment, equipment, and support staff were top notch as well.  I very highly recommend this course for beginners, intermediates, or even those very experienced in US guided procedures.  I would/will take the course again.

Dr. Chang Chien provides a great review of musculoskeletal ultrasound, physical examination, and sports medicine. He was very approachable and demonstrated teaching that reflects a wealth of medical teaching experience. The highlight of the course were the live demonstrations on actual patients including multiple PRP and stem cell injections under fluoroscopic and ultrasound guidance.  The live demonstrations of stem cell harvesting from adipose tissue and bone marrow were unique and excellent. The talks on practice management and business optimization fantastic. I would strongly recommend this course and am glad I attended it. 
Kashif Saeed MD
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation/Pain Medicine

Seattle WA

Dr. Chang Chien unquestionably falls into the category of one of my great mentors. His outstanding grasp of musculoskeletal medicine and  ultrasound imaging are truly inspiring. The clarity of his explanations and communications skills are superior. I would unquestionably recommend his tutelage to anyone seeking both academic and practical knowledge in this field.

Ronald Lieberman, DO
Medical Director, Delaware Spine Institute

Dr. Chang Chien is an excellent instructor.  He teaches musculoskeletal ultrasound in a clear and concise fashion.  His lectures and demonstrations are very practical.  After his course, I had skills that I could use in my clinical practice immediately.  

James Fontaine M.D.

Northern California Spine Institute

Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

In two hours, George delivers the most informative and well paced introduction to clinical ultrasound for pain medicine available today. He is an excellent clinical instructor. 

Jeffrey D. Petersohn, M.D.

​​Diplomate, American Board of Pain Medicine
Diplomate, American Board of Anesthesiology

I can attest to Dr. Chang Chien's superior expertise in diagnostic ultrasound and regenerative medicine. After having taken numerous ultrasound courses, I can state without equivocation, that Dr. Chang Chien's courses are extraordinarily well organized and full of interesting and practical tips for direct clinical application. His courses offer the best return on investment.

I highly recommend him and his ultrasound course without hesitation.

M. A. Pappolla, M.D., Ph.D.

Board Certified Pain Medicine Specialist


February 2017 Pasadena CA

It was a pleasure seeing you and your staff  this weekend.  I came to the course with the intent of learning ultrasound techniques.  This was my first experience and it more then met my expectations. 

I am a seasoned interventional pain physician that did my Anesthesia/Pain training under Dr. Racz in Lubbock Texas.  I feel that he would have been proud to have know this association. 

I feel the course was basic enough for beginners but had the core detail that a seasoned provider needed.  I loved that fact that the models where also PM&R physicians that where trained in ultrasound.  They gave guidance without having you to look over their shoulders. 

Don Enty MD

Christian Whitney, DO
Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management 
Sackler Center for Pain Management 
Greenwich Hospital
Yale Medical

Dr. Chang Chien and I have corresponed and taught together for some time now. He has a great understanding and utilization of musculoskeletal anatomy, which is enhanced by his ultrasound skills. Much of our specialty in regenerative medicine depends on knowledge of normal, acute and chronic musculoskeletal findings on ultrasound evaluation. His expertise with this diagnostic tool makes his treatments with regenerative techniques extremely helpful for patients.

Steve Aydin D.O.

Assistant Professor Hofstra North Shore-LIJ

School of Medicine

Board Certified Physiatrist

Board Certified Pain Medicine

Hi George:

I want to thank you for putting on the Ultrasound MSK and regenerative medicine course this past weekend.

First and foremost I would like to say your course was fantastic and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in becoming more facile with MSK ultrasound.

I have been to other courses in the past but yours was without a doubt the best hands down.

This was for a number of reasons.

One was the fact that you kept the numbers very small so that there was plenty of time with hands on experience to practice scanning while you watched and could comment on the technique and probe positions for the best views. The opportunity to have essentially unlimited time to practice this because you kept the numbers small was invaluable. In essence you do not end the course until the person taking it is able to feel comfortable and demonstrate that they can get the views they need for the upper and lower extremity joints. You are also an excellent teacher. You are able to break down the steps for the procedures so that they are easy to understand and repeat on our own. Also, having you as the lone instructor to work with provided consistency in the messages you were trying to emphasize as well as the technique. Finally, the powerpoint presentation that you provided and reviewed was excellent. It was clear you had put a lot of time and thought into this and it certainly addressed a number of important concepts.

Thanks again for putting on such an excellent course.


September 2016 Course

I have been practicing ultrasound for over 10 years and have attended multiple ultrasound courses in the past. Dr. Chang Chien, without a doubt provides the best course that I have ever attended both for the value and for his expertise. His understanding of anatomy and his use of ultrasound is unmatched. He used to be a high school teacher and it shows in his teaching methods.  He has a special way of breaking down complex concepts into basic ideas and presenting them in an understandable manner.  He will definitely hasten your learning curve on the use of ultrasound significantly. 

Dr. Chang Chien also has a wonderful personality and is a lot of fun to work with.  I cannot thank him enough for the skills that he has shared with me and I look forward to the next opportunity to get to learn from him again. 

I give my highest recommendation possible.  

Thank you very much. 

Kerry C. Latch M.D.

Michael Y. Chang DO

Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Board Certified in Pain Medicine


December 2016 Pasadena CA

Dr. Chang Chien’s course provides grounding in the flashy world of Regenerative Medicine and Musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound. He offers a clear, clinically based review of what is important in MSK ultrasound for the pain physician. Moreover, he delineates structure and guiding principles to follow while practicing regenerative medicine that allows a physician to pursue this field while remaining ethical, well respected within the medical community, safe from a medico-legal standpoint, and clinically effective.

This balanced perspective is lacking at other regenerative medicine courses, most of which can lead physicians into ethically and legally murky waters. 

Every physician will have a unique background. In my case, I had already studied MSK Ultrasound significantly on my own and have a very robust background in teaching advanced ultrasound guided regional anesthesia. Dr. Chang Chien took these factors into account and went above and beyond to personalize my experience. He checked in on my progress and satisfaction many times during the course of my 2 days. He also offered his time as well as that of his support staff at odd hours for those who had irregular schedules.

I have attended several other courses on this subject matter; for a personalized learning experience those other courses have not even come close to this one. Asking questions at other MSK Ultrasound and Regenerative Medicine courses always felt burdensome and unwelcome. At Dr. Chang Chien’s course, he truly wanted to help us find answers to all our unique inquiries.

As an example, the sports medicine component of the course is very valuable. Without a background in sports medicine or orthopedics, regenerative medicine and diagnostic MSK ultrasonography is extremely daunting. Questions ranging from physical exam to PRP for specific diagnoses to what orthotics to send patients home with were all fair game and addressed with enthusiasm. Attempting to ask these questions at any other course would garner blank stares or irritation. As an anesthesiologist this was exceptionally valuable.  


February 2017 Pasadena CA

The GCC institute ultrasound injection course was excellent with a low student to instructor ratio.  Dr. Chang Chien was excellent and willing to spend ample time with you individually if needed. 

Additionally, the review of current literature given was concise and to the point without being overwhelming.  I had been using ultrasound in a limited capacity prior to this course and now feel much more confident with my US guided injections and ultrasound diagnostic ability.  In the first week back at clinic, I was able to comfortably diagnosis a tendon tear and carpal tunnel syndrome with ultrasound. 

Thank you for a great course Dr. Chang Chien!

I highly recommend Dr. Chang Chien for those seeking training in ultrasound guided  procedures. His knowledge, teaching ability, professionalism, and experience in the field of ultrasound techniques and regenerative medicine far exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Chang Chien spent a great deal of time and patiently guided my colleague and I through the course and provided an abundance of information that cannot be obtained from a text book or other teaching material.

His expertise is far beyond other instructors I have encountered. He was a true pleasure to work with and my group will have him back in the near future to offer this training to new physicians that join our group. I could not be more pleased with the course and have already highly recommended him to my colleagues at other institutions.

This course will provide the essential skills needed to implement ultrasound techniques in your daily practice. In addition, the educational component regarding regenerative medicine was an added bonus and provided additional information that can be applied to your practice. Dr Chang Chien is a true leader in the field of ultrasound techniques and regenerative medicine. I look forward to working with him again. 


Kerry C. Latch M.D.
San Antonio, TX
​​Diplomate, American Board of Pain Medicine
Diplomate, American Board of Anesthesiology

 Ira J. Goodman, MD
Pain Specialists of Greater Chicago


Zachary Fisk, MD, MBA

Board Certified in Anesthesiology

Fellowship Trained in Acute Pain and Regional Anesthesia



Medical Aesthetics   musculoskeletal Rehabilitation 

Johnny Urrutia, PA-C


February 3-4, 2018

Ronald Wasserman MD FRCPC 

Service Chief for Pain Medicine 

Director of the Back and Pain Center

University of Michigan

Dr. Chang Chien is a fantastic teacher who has a great passion for ultrasound and the future of regenerative medicine! He is well organized, deliberate in his approach to anatomy and patient in helping you understand and apply the ultrasound as a diagnostic and interventional modality. Well worth your time and investment.

Amit Mirchandani M.D.

Dallas, TX

​Diplomate, American Board of Anesthesiology

​​Diplomate, American Board of Pain Medicine

I am an interventional pain management physician who has been practicing for 16 years.  I have had the great pleasure of getting instructions on multiple occasions from Dr. Chang Chien.  He is an amazing instructor with a tremendous ability to convey what could be considered difficult and confusing information in a way which makes learning ultrasound fun and easy!  I highly recommend getting instruction from Dr. Chang Chien for the novice or even the ultrasound experienced doctor as his didactic and clinical teachings are extremely comprehensive, useful and practical.

Jeffrey B. Glaser, M.D.
Diplomate, American Board of Pain Medicine
Diplomate, American Board of Anesthesiology
Interventional Pain Management

Glaser Pain Relief Center

Februrary 2017 Pasadena CA

I recently attended Dr. Chang Chien's ultrasound course.  I had great exposure to ultrasound during PM&R residency at the Mayo Clinic but was looking for a refresher course in an intimate setting with an experienced and knowledgeable instructor. 

This course did not disappoint and I recommend it to both physicians learning musculoskeletal ultrasound and those wanting to expand/perfect their skill set. 

The groups are small and their is plenty of time for hands on scanning and instruction.  As an added bonus regenerative medicine literature is presented and incorporated into the course including some business talks which were great.

Steven Stulc D.O.